All About The Books: Your Guide to The Listening Bookshop - Fonetti

For our first post of 2018, we really wanted to chat about our bookshop itself, and all the brilliant books we have to offer.


Let’s start with the basics

Literacy, books and confidence with reading are what we are all about here.

We understand that learning to read is really tough, and we want to help!

Of course, we all know that children need feedback, support and encouragement during this process; not just with the practical elements, but also to nurture an enthusiastic attitude towards reading.

We want to build upon a child’s confidence when reading, as this is often what may be holding them back. Our bookshop only ever uses positive reinforcement, building on literacy skills with the ‘extra practice’ it allows.


The Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence.

They are the publishers behind the Oxford Reading Tree, the UK’s number one reading programme that is used in over 80% of primary schools in the UK.  You may remember Biff, Chip and Kipper, characters which have helped children have learn to read for over 30 years and that are truly household names for any family with young children.

The tree works as a level-based programme that allows a child to move up in ‘bands’, or levels, designated based on difficulty. Children can choose from the easily recognised levels which one is ‘theirs’ given their ability, enabling and encouraging them to reach the next level.

The tree, which is composed of many individual series boasts:

rigorous synthetic phonics, well-loved characters, support for teachers and parents, texts underpinned by assessment standards and over 800 books to offer a diversity of writing styles, fonts and themes’.



After very careful deliberation we decided to stock the first shelves of our bookshop with these three series, which cover a range of topics and bands.

Story Sparks: These are powerful stories for children that aspire to ignite a child’s emotional comprehension and imagination through many different themes

Traditional Tales: A collection of timeless stories from all around the world, retold in an accessible, child-friendly way.  

InFact: A collection of non-fiction books, that have been designed to deepen a child’s comprehension skills in a whole range of topics.

With its well-loved characters, fine levelling and unrivalled support, Oxford Reading Tree helps your children to become confident readers.


How can these books encourage children to read?

We know that finding a story that can grasp a child’s interest is half the battle in turning a reluctant reader into a fully-fledged bookworm.

One of the key reasons why these books are so successful, is their range of theme and style.  We recognise that not every child’s taste in books will be the same, so have included many different genres that a child can browse and choose from independently.

We have princesses, superheroes, sport, science and dragons and even comics in our collection, all illustrated beautifully to capture a child’s imagination!


So why read them on our app?

 It’s one thing having this amazing collection of books ready and waiting on the shelf for a child to read, but we’re sure you will agree that it’s quite another to get that child to pick one up and start reading. Let’s face it – they’d probably rather pick up an iPad instead.

And that’s okay!

Tablet time is now an inevitability, and technology is as involved in our children’s lives as it is our own. At Fonetti, we want to use this technology to encourage children to read more.

The combination of amazing content from the OUP together with the gamification concepts used in our app will have children reading with more enthusiasm than ever. Children will always want videos and games, but with Fonetti, they’ll want to read on their tablet too.


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