Welcome to Fonetti and the Listening Bookshop

Welcome to Fonetti and the Listening Bookshop

Welcome to Fonetti and the Listening Bookshop

A very big ‘hello!’ and warm welcome to The Listening Bookshop!

Welcome to our blog! Come in! Take a seat! This is our own little reading corner of the internet. We look forward to exploring literacy, reading, and technology, and to sharing our news with you. We also hope to build meaningful two-way engagement with you, the parents and educators of our budding young readers. 

First thing’s first, let’s tell you a bit about who we are at Fonetti, The Listening Bookshop.

So who’s behind Fonetti?

We are Auris Tech, creators of the ‘tech that listens’!

It’s our mission to figure out the ways in which technology can help encourage children to read. Based in London and Edinburgh, we are here to support the development of literacy skills.

Over the last few years we have been working alongside a wonderful team of experts at the University of Edinburgh. These brainiacs have only gone and developed a first-of-its-kind voice recognition engine! One that understands children reading aloud, at every step of their development.  

It truly has the ability to ‘listen’. 

We have built and tested our tech with children in schools across the UK and Ireland. We are really proud that our engine is currently achieving an impressive 91%+ accuracy rating (that’s very high! Higher than the best!).

Ok, cool… How does it affect the app?

So glad you asked. First, choose a book! Within the app is an exclusive range of books just for Fonetti readers.

The magic begins when a reader chooses a story. The book will listen as they read aloud, reacting in real-time by highlighting each word as read correctly. Children see this and feel connected. Then they’re eager to keep reading! Any words missed or not read correctly will remain grey. But there is no active correcting; we focus on positive reinforcement only.

Plus, readers can tap on a word they are struggling with to hear how it should sound. This way your child can recognise their own progress independently. This will incentivise children to read books again and again, until all words are green. Badges and stars are given at the end of each book and both the child and parent can see how well they are getting on.

Brilliant, right? Now, what are we hoping to achieve?

We understand that learning to read is a massive challenge for any child, and fundamentally requires involvement of an adult. There is nothing that can replace the role of a parent or teacher in the support of reading. We’re just here to help! We want to make your support more valuable. We can do this by solving some of the challenges we know you face as a parent or teacher. Every. Single. Day.

Every day you’re juggling something new… A new project at work, a flat tyre on the school run, or an unexpected request for a robo-fairy costume. With such busy lives, the hours tick by and sometimes getting that one-to-one reading time with your little one just won’t fit into the day. 

That’s where we feel Fonetti can come in.

Fonetti allows a seamless reading journey. Your child can get on with story time while you sort out their dinner. And when you do sit down to read together, you’ll know just where to pick up and how they’ve progressed. It’s just another helping hand.

We can’t wait to get started on this journey with all little readers out there!