Gaming for Glory: How Gamification Can Help the Reading Journey

Gaming for Glory: How Gamification Can Help the Reading Journey


Gaming for Glory: How Gamification Can Help the Reading Journey

Do you know the positive effects of using gaming techniques in different learning methods?

Gaming in education: can it help?

Getting our kids to sit down to do their schoolwork can sometimes seem like a struggle. There’s homework that needs doing but they’d rather be playing on their games console. So you spend ages nagging and nagging… sound familiar?

Naturally, as parents or teachers we want educational success for our children. But I’m sure you’ll agree that what matters most is their happiness.

Getting the right balance is so important.

At Fonetti HQ we like to think that there are many ways to actively support a chid with their education. One way we feel can really make a difference (and one we have incorporated ourselves!) is ‘Gamification’.


Gamification! This is when you add in elements of ‘gaming’ to otherwise traditional methods of learning. For example, on-screen challenges, quests or reward systems. It is all about amplifying the effects and results of learning with the motivational techniques found within games.

Gamification is recognised in schools throughout the world. It can take on many roles, including interactive class quizzes and online reading programmes tailored to each individual pupil. But the focus is always on the learning experience itself.

How can this help?

Understandably, some parents may feel a little reluctant to bring even more ‘gaming’ into their child’s life. But this method can really bring some great benefits to their education. Why not redirect that engagement?

Gamification can significantly help a child keep their focus. It makes things fun! If a child is enjoying what they are doing, they’re going to do it more. It’s even better when a child is learning without even realising…

It’s a confidence builder, too. Most kids are pretty familiar with gaming techniques. A child will have a natural confidence with their ability here. Who doesn’t love feeling like an expert?

Whats more, the techniques used often allow for a child to work at their own pace and their own ability. They can track their own progress and feel a personal sense of achievement. The element of competition means they will want to push themselves further to beat their last score.

At Fonetti…

You will certainly find Gamification techniques over here!

Young readers can be engaged in some gaming techniques. The first they do is design their own character and choose their favourite themes.

Using these techniques in the right way can really enrich a child’s learning.

From all of us at Fonetti –

Happy reading!

How Exactly Does Fonetti Encourage Children’s Learning

How Exactly Does Fonetti Encourage Children’s Learning

How Exactly Does Fonetti Encourage Children’s Learning

Children learn best when they are in control, enjoying themselves, and have something to be proud of. Let’s nurture that.

Good afternoon! We want to take a moment to talk about how Fonetti centres itself on the way kids enjoy learning…As you know…

Fonetti’s  uses a world first voice recognition technology. Books can listen to readers, rewarding them when they read correctly, and helping them when they’re stuck. Children can do this in their own time wherever they feel comfortable.

We have taken into consideration a wide range of studies by educational organisations and literacy charities to map out the ways in which Fonetti can be a positive and effective tool of learning.

Currently, audiobooks dominate the landscape of reading apps. This is great, I’m sure we all love being read to now and then. However, we want to offer a more challenging and interactive experience for young learners. After all, we all know how easy it is to lose focus and become distracted. Our app pairs voice recognition with words on the page. We have introduced an active style of learning that will keep readers engaged.

We want to use touch-screen technology for good. A recent study looked at engagement levels of children reading e-books with their parents. When a child was in charge of the computer mouse, they maintained interest for longer. Fonetti offers more than habitual tapping. Users’ interaction with the screen has purpose. Young readers can scroll through our bookshelves, swipe to turn pages, and tap words they aren’t sure of to hear clear pronunciation.

With Fonetti’s voice recognition, when a word is pronounced just right, it will light up green – an immediate affirmation! Young readers can take stories word by word, sentence by sentence, at a pace that works for them. This offers a more personal and tailored type of learning.

Positive feedback and encouragement deepens learning. Any parent or educator can tell you that. So, to keep our young users interested in their own literacy skills and progress, we have developed a clear reward system. Within Fonetti is an easily accessible rewards space, where children will see all of the badges they earn, whether it’s for amount of books read, time spent reading, or multiple day streaks. We want the reading experience to be an enjoyable one – something to be proud of!

Fonetti is easy and inviting to use. Book covers are clear to see and simple to begin reading. Not sure on a word? Just tap it and you’ll hear it clearly pronounced.

We want children to feel in control of their own experience with Fonetti


What’s There to Read Anyway?

What’s There to Read Anyway?

Whats there to read anyway

What’s There to Read Anyway?

You know how much we care about literacy and learning, but what about our books?

You might be wondering what exactly is available to read on Fonetti…

A fair concern. Nobody wants their child reading bad quality books, do they? 

In fact, I’m sure we can all look back on our childhoods and remember our favourite books. Whether they’re classic stories by Enid Blyton, or little treasures that it seems none of our adult friends have heard of, whatever they are they will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

At Fonetti our promise is to provide an ongoing supply of  high quality and carefully crafted stories for our little readers who are of course the next generation of book lovers.

Here’s where it gets exciting…

Over at Fonetti HQ, we’ve been working with lots of writers and illustrators to bring you brand new children’s books. 

That’s right, original stories that are available on Fonetti only! You won’t find these anywhere else. Explore the animal kingdom with our charming Fox, or solve mysteries with our bumbling Detective Catfish! There’s so much to discover. Our little readers will never run out as there is new content added every single month!

Don’t get us started on our illustrators! We have enlisted some of the absolute best. Take a look at the work of Angus Bungay on our Detective Catfish stories. Angus has previously worked on beloved children’s cartoons like Arthur and Ed, Edd n Eddy! Lucky us!

Whilst our priority is always going to be to encourage children’s to read, it is important to know we also pride ourselves for offering our platform to talented artists and writers. We interview and go through various discovery sessions before we work with all of our contributors and we run competitions for young authors and illustrators and who knows, your young reader may have their own stories on Fonetti one day soon too!

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also done some discovery and had the greatest fun by bringing back to life some forgotten classics!

We have revived some wonderful stories, such as the adventures of a mischievous little cat, Punky Dunk. Some of which are over one hundred years old! – Now theres a good blend of traditional and the latest technical innovation!  

We’re over the moon to be sharing these special stories on our platform, and we hope that your little readers have as much pleasure reading them as much as we have had curating them.

Here is a small selection of some of the Fonetti Titles