Celebrities read ’12 Stories of Christmas’

Celebrities read ’12 Stories of Christmas’

12 Stories of Christmas

Celebrities read ’12 Stories of Christmas’

We’ve all heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas and now we’ve teamed up with 12 celebrities who will each read a story from the main Fonetti library, available free of charge to hear and view.

Amongst others, the celebrities include: Clare Balding, Ade Adepitan, Martin Roberts, Alice Arnold, Robert Rinder, Sarah Willingham, Anneka Rice, Naomi Isted and Kaye Adams.

From Christmas Day, each new story will be available from https://www.fonetti.com/kids/12-stories-of-christmas/. In order to add to the excitement and expectation of the campaign, we’re not sharing who will read on which day; it will be a big reveal!

Kim Antoniou, Co-Founder and CEO of Fonetti said: “Christmas is such an exciting time and we wanted to add to that excitement as well as to promote our commitment to literacy, not only in children, but for all.”

Entrepreneur, investor, consumer champion and former ‘Dragon’ from Dragon’s Den, Sarah Willingham, who reads one of the stories: “I’m delighted to have been asked to read one of the Fonetti library stories over Christmas. It is a time of wonder and joy for children, and the ability to read is the foundation for all learning.”

“I hope I am able to bring some magic to my story and that it may be the catalyst to encourage the listeners to want to read more!”

And, says Clare Balding, our Brand Ambassador; “Fonetti is such a simple concept and a brilliant use of technology to support children, make them feel more confident and allow parents to monitor their progress. Having my fellow celebrities to help spread the message is just fantastic!”

As a thank you and to spread the festivity, we asked each celebrity to nominate a primary school to receive an annual schools subscription to the Fonetti library, bringing the magic of listening books to hundreds of young readers.

“Due to the extraordinary circumstances of 2020, schools have come under increasing pressure and many primary schools have put reading at the top of their priority list.”

“We’ve reached out to many of the sponsored schools and they have been overwhelmed with the generous gesture offered to them. Our celebrity nominations will add to their number which is a phenomenal achievement.

Enid Blyton titles added to Fonetti

Enid Blyton titles added to Fonetti

Enid Blyton titles added to Fonetti

Hachette Children’s Group, one of the largest children’s publishers in the UK and publisher of author Enid Blyton, as well as owner of Enid Blyton Entertainment, has teamed up with Fonetti, in order to upload a selection of Blyton’s stories to the Fonetti library.

This is the first time ever that Enid Blyton has been part of a digital literacy platform.

Enid Blyton is one of the world’s best-selling children’s authors with sales of her books in excess of 500 million copies, translated into over 40 languages. In the UK she sells more than one book a minute and many of her books have been adapted into films and TV series.

As well as being regularly voted the UK’s best-loved author, according to UNESCO, Enid Blyton is the most translated children’s author in the world.

Children will be able to access the Blyton stories, which are grouped into three collections: Summertime Stories, Animal Stories and Magic and Mischief Stories, with each bundle of stories costing £7.99.

They are available in the Fonetti app now.

Kim Antoniou, CEO, Auris Tech;

“We are delighted to be able to offer our Fonetti readers these stories, from one of the best loved children’s authors of all time.”

“Literacy is the cornerstone of every child’s life. Without it, children (and adults) are held back at every stage. The ability to read is a vital life skill and the Fonetti App aims to promote reading, particularly reading aloud, and language skills to children from 4 to 9 years of age. Being able to offer Enid Blyton titles, alongside our many other authors, will help us to enhance and grow our reader base.”

Karen Lawler, Head of Brand Strategy and Licensed Content, Hachette Children’s Group added:

“We are delighted to be working with Fonetti to help ensure even more children have access to Enid Blyton’s world-famous stories. Fonetti’s ability to recognise children’s words as they read aloud has the potential to build reading accuracy and fluency. Enid Blyton’s stories have been used to develop literacy skills for generations of children, so we felt it was the perfect fit.”

The right time for screen time

The right time for screen time

The right time for screen time

How do you feel about screen time?

If you’ve changed your mind over the last few months you’re not alone. Perceptions of technology and our relationships with it (especially tablets) have changed recently.

And it’s mainly because of how our own lives have changed.

Cast your minds back to this time last year and you, like many parents, were probably in favour of setting strict time limits on tech for your kids.

Never in a million years did you expect to be so reliant on it yourself, let alone as a household.

And now here we are in a post-lockdown society dealing with the demand for tech that meets the habits formed during lockdown.

A time when we all turned to technology to find our new ‘normal’.

Have family quiz nights over Zoom become a regular activity in your house?

They have in many of ours. Face Timing friends is now normal, not a novelty.

And using a screen to enhance learning feels as natural as exploring the great outdoors.

Tech has slipped into our daily routines conveniently. It’s like putting on a comfy slipper and making us feel at home with what it offers.

But it’s also provided us with an unchangeable constant we can rely on – and Fonetti is just one example.

The reading assistant at home or away

Fonetti is more than a constant – it’s a welcome friend for our kids that blends fun and learning whether in the classroom, at home or wherever there’s Wi-Fi.

Fonetti makes reading fun.

It’s educational as well as entertaining. So, kids still get all the satisfaction from a game but with reading rewards. As a parent, you don’t need to worry about unhealthy screen time.

Fonetti is safe and secure.

It’s also current and compatible with the latest software updates most devices use. The language used in Fonetti stories reflects the way our subscribers speak, in UK English.

We work with our authors and publishers to update classic texts to make sure they’re still as relevant today as they were when they were first published – to keep kids entertained and hold their attention in direct competition with tech that’s less beneficial.

Mindful texts

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how vital mindfulness is in our children. And you can rest assured their wellbeing is being supported.

Fonetti has a range of titles that promote mindfulness and that help younger readers make sense of these changing circumstances.

From ‘Our World Needs A Clean’ by Nicky Nash that explains COVID-19 through a fairy tale to ‘Sadsville’ by Martin Roberts that tackles the theme of child sadness and anxiety – Fonetti caters for every ability.

For less than the price of a takeaway coffee, your kids can access a month of books from an ever-evolving library. Books with a difference – Listening Books™.

Think karaoke but for stories instead of songs.

Your child chooses a story and starts reading aloud. When they get the words right, they turn green, if they get stuck, they simply double-tap for a clue. And when they’ve finished, they receive instant rewards, fanfares and badges.

Encouragement for learning without them realising they have.