The Fonetti Easter Egg Hunt

The Fonetti Easter Egg Hunt

The Fonetti Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny has been cheeky again this year, and has hidden 6 eggs in the stories on Fonetti – and we hope all our young Fonetti fans will join in this game of hide and seek!

Tell your friends and let the search begin. Everyone that emails the correct location of all 6 eggs will enter the prize draw to win an Android tablet and a year’s free subscription to Fonetti.

The fun starts today and continues through the Easter school holidays. We’ll draw the lucky winners on Monday 12th April, so make sure your entries are in by midnight on Sunday 11th April!

When you’ve found all 6 eggs, send an email to with

  • the child’s name
  • the book title and page number for each egg

to be entered into the prize draw!

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Addressing digital transformation

Addressing digital transformation

Addressing digital transformation

We were super-proud at Fonetti HQ today, when our Co-founder and CEO, Kim Antoniou joined an esteemed panel at the Elite Business Live event, facilitated and hosted by the fabulous Oli Barrett MBE.

Speaking on the Digital Transformation panel, which kicked off with an enthusiastic keynote from Michelle Ovens CBE, Founder of Small Business Britain. Kim was joined by Pete Oliver, Managing Director, SME at BT, Biplab Rakshi, Managing Director at Atomic Acquisitions and Chair of the IoD East of England; and Melissa Snover, Founder at Get Nourished.

For a replay, visit Elite Business Live.

Christina Gabbitas

Christina Gabbitas

Meet Christina Gabbitas, award-winning author, poet, Children’s Literature Festivals charity founder and trustee, and inspirational writer.

Pencil, pen or keyboard, what do you prefer to write with?

“I write with a pen. I always have a pad in my bag and in the car, ready to jot down ideas wherever I go. Although my writing isn’t very neat so I type it up when I get home.”

Where do you write and when?

“I don’t like routine so I’m not a writer that has any strict rituals or sticks to specific writing times. Creativity can’t be forced, otherwise it becomes a chore if you’re made to do something at the same time every day. I’m more random. I write in cafes. I like to people-watch and I need to write outside of my home and switch off from what’s around me.”

Describe your ideal place to write?

“I wrote ‘Felicity Fly Meets the Dragon Fruit and Friends’ in Vietnam – that was a wonderful place to write…sunshine, endless cups of tea and a balcony overlooking the sea.

I just wish I had more time to write.”

What attracted you to Fonetti?

“I love how it helps give children of all abilities and from all backgrounds access to stories. Fonetti would really have helped me as a child and I wish it had existed then. I was shy and it would’ve given me confidence. Reading aloud, in your own space and with expression is so important – it engages children and boosts confidence.”

“I make reading fun by reading aloud – just like Fonetti does. How you read a story brings it to life. That’s why I love Fonetti. Reading with expression is so important – it helps to switch children onto reading. All teachers need to let themselves go and jump inside reading a story. Children learn without realising when a story has captured their imagination.”

What’s your favourite book for children?

“‘I loved listening to stories as a child – audio books on cassette. My favourite was a collection of Spike Milligan’s poetry called ‘Silly Verse for Kids’. ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ is simply genius and so much fun to read aloud, I use it on some of my school visits.”

Who are your top 3 fictional characters of all time?

“I wouldn’t say I have favourite characters as such.”

“As a child I loved the stories more than individual characters and I loved anything visual. Bagpuss was by far my favourite character.”

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a writer?

“I never dreamt that I’d be a writer. I wrote stories for my own children and put them away in a box for seven years before getting them out to re-read them. I never knew what I wanted to be but that’s what life’s all about – learning what you want to be.”

“Don’t worry if you don’t know yet. Don’t worry if you don’t go to University, its’s not suited to everyone – just try different things and learn through experience. You’ll soon find your niche and what you enjoy.”

What inspires you to write?

“I’m inspired by the world around me – by people, history, museums. There needs to be a word that combines fact and fiction – my stories are both. They combine history with adventure and make learning fun.”

“As a child I was scared of EVERYTHING…the dark, spiders, life. Writing became like therapy for me and I can’t stop.”

What do you most enjoy about working in schools?

“I love the feedback you get from children. They’re my audience, they’re the ones I write for. If I can inspire one child, I’m happy I’ve made a difference, but being in school is something else.”

“You can see how your words make a difference through the smiles and enthusiasm in their faces. I visit schools because I want to encourage children to read and write – and to have a go at storytelling themselves.”

“I had very low self-esteem as a child and I want to help children build their confidence through a love of books and stories.”

And lastly, what advice would you give to an aspiring young author?

“If you’ve got an idea just write it down. Ignore those that tell you not to try – just have a go. If you believe in your idea, be proud of it. If you never try, you’ll never know, so ignore negative people and never give up.”

Find Christina’s books on Fonetti.

Fonetti titles include: Save Us, Triangular Trev and the Shape Idols, Mohna Lott, Felicity Fly series.

Fonetti World Book Day 2021

Fonetti World Book Day 2021

Fonetti World Book Day 2021

Just because we weren’t all together in school, didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy World Book Day together! So, on Thursday 4th March we held our first large scale World Book Day event, co-hosted by inspirational children’s authors Clare Balding and Christina Gabbitas.

Over 40 schools pre-registered to receive an interactive link, and as we know many classrooms watched and shared the livestream on YouTube, we believe 1000s of pupils will have seen our extravaganza.  

Clare and Christina both read stories; Christina kicked off proceedings with her story Felicity Fly and the Dragon Fruit and Friends, which is now available to read on Fonetti. After some questions about what inspires our authors, Clare then read Greeny the Caring Tree, written by then 6 year old Guru Kashyap, one of our 2020 Young Authors’ Competition winners.

Throughout the broadcast, we shared photos of UK primary school children in their World Book Day outfits, shared with us on social media, using #FonettiWBD. There were some really inventive outfits – exploring specific words in the vocabulary, through to favourite books.

Pupil participation

World Book Day is all about the readers, and primary school pupils made an invaluable contribution – both with a collective reading across the breadth of the UK – all reading What do you want to become – a brilliant title in the Fonetti Subscription Library, available as a free book for a period after World Book Day.

Confident and camera-shy readers all made an appearance – and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone that took part! Pupils also submitted questions for Clare and Christina – we had so many that we couldn’t get to them all!

Book Review project

Given the enthusiasm we’d seen for books, we launched a Book Review project too! We’d love to receive book reviews and feedback on all the stories available on the Fonetti app. Clare and Christina also gave some tips on what makes a good review. Feedback in writing, in a drawing, a voice recording or video – whatever works –  we want to hear from children! Please send your reviews into, and let us know if we can share it on social media!