Dyslexia Guild Conference 2022

Dyslexia Guild Conference 2022

Dyslexia Guild Conference 2022

Vicki and Emma spent a very enjoyable day today at the University of Bath, supporting the Dyslexia Guild Annual Conference.

They spoke with dyslexia specialists and tutors about how Fonetti helps children with dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) to find their love of reading.

Everyone loved how Fonetti works, and the data they could utilise about their students as they progress on their reading journey.

Congratulations to Theresa Gillbard from Dyslex and Toni Packer on winning a Fonetti education subscription in our event draw. Toni kindly donated her subscription to the Ursuline Preparatory School in Warley.

During the event, Dyslexia Action showcased their Literacy Programme (DALP) and the event speakers included;

  • Dr Catherine Manning who spoke about visual processing in children with dyslexia and children with autism
  • Professor Kiki Messiou who spoke about including all learners in school through student-teacher dialogues
  • Valerie Muter who spoke about dysllexia and the phonology-reading disconnection hypothesis
  • Chris Budd OBE who spoke about making mathematics engaging through creativity and toys for all ages.

We look to be part of the event next year!