Halloween Hunt

Halloween Hunt

Halloween Hunt

There’s something in the air…cooler weather, darker nights and crackling branches. Halloween is coming. If you look closely you might see the orange glow shining from pumpkin patches – lanterns waiting to be picked.

You might spot bats darting in the night sky. And if you open Fonetti you’ll see trick or treat is still very much happening this Halloween.

Hidden inside six of our stories are some petrifying pumpkins…

the question is which ones?

For the chance to win a Android tablet, simply search our stories for six pumpkins and drop us a message to competitions@fonetti.com, stating in which book and on what page they appeared.

But hurry, the competition closes at midnight on 31st October.

Sadsville is available for FREE on the Fonetti app

Sadsville is available for FREE on the Fonetti app

Sadsville is available for FREE on the Fonetti app

Author and TV Presenter Martin Roberts is launching a new initiative for schools with the ‘Sadsville‘ story from ‘The Villes’ series, from October 5th.  Not only will every UK primary school and 4,000 libraries receive a copy, Sadsville will also be available as an interactive listening book exclusively on Fonetti for children to read at home.

Covid has impacted children considerably and the extent of this may not be realised for some time. Child depression, anxiety and sadness is on the increase as a result and Martin hopes his story can support children and encourage them to ask for help.

Sadsville tackles the theme of child sadness through a story, written to raise awareness of the fantastic work of Childline and the NSPCC. Aimed particularly at children in Year 4 (8 and 9 year olds), Sadsville opens a discussion about emotional issues and reassures children that help is always at hand. Together with Fonetti, Sadsville will support schools as they gently welcome pupils back into class. The launch also coincides with World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC explains:

“Sadsville introduces children to problem solving and explains that you can be sad for a number of different reasons and encourages them to have the confidence to seek help. The number of additional children using the Childline service as a direct result of this initiative could be highly significant.”

Teachers will also receive additional lesson plan resources to support their school. Over 70% of children who’ve already read Sadsville, when surveyed, revealed that they felt ‘better able to cope with sadness’ as a result of reading the book.

We are delighted to be able to support The Martin Roberts Foundation by providing Sadsville on the Fonetti App, totally free of charge.

It is our aim to help founder Martin Roberts achieve his personal vision, to provide a copy of Sadsville into the hands of as many children as practically possible, and our digital technology provides the perfect platform, especially in the current climate.

There has never been a more critical time to support our children and their mental wellbeing. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to partner in the project and to play a small part in this grand ambition.

Fonetti is coming to Android very soon

Fonetti is coming to Android very soon

Fonetti is coming to Android very soon

Something exciting is coming – and you can be the first to experience it. Fonetti is launching on Android – so every tablet will be able to access our wonderful world of words.

Not only does this mean you can enjoy Fonetti at home but we’re also supporting schools across the country that use non-Apple devices in their classrooms.

Shelves overflowing with stories – all yours to choose from – with just one swipe of the screen. Listening books™ that build confidence, boost literacy and transform young imaginations in minutes.

Find out first

Right now we’re busy testing our titles and screening our software for bugs before we go live.

To be the first to use Fonetti on Android, simply fill in the form below. We’ll email you first when the app’s live so you, or your school, can access a library overflowing with adventures.

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Literacy through lockdown

Literacy through lockdown

Literacy through lockdown

Covid has closed the doors of so many places we love.

Restaurants, retail outlets, the homes of loved ones and the home of stories – our libraries. Whether school libraries, local libraries or mobile ones that feed hungry readers with books in rural and remote locations – our libraries are at the heart of our communities.

For many pre and primary school children, libraries are so much more than shelves full of books. They provide technology and the opportunity to access stories for free.

For parents, like you, they provide friendship and interactive reading with ‘wriggly readers’ sessions and book clubs for all ages.

So, what do you do while their doors are closed?

While their shelves are stocked fully but are sadly gathering dust? You know that children need stories now more than ever. However, for many, the financial pressures of each household right now mean that new books are a luxury item currently out of budget.

But does this mean that until social distancing can be implemented and books safely sanitised that sharing stories is off limits?

Well here’s some good news: Not on our watch.

Stories on demand – any time, any place

Library shelves may be out of reach at the moment but ours aren’t. Fonetti can fill the void that’s missing and keep your children reading without you needing to leave your home.

All you need is a tablet computer.

Fonetti is available on iPad and Android tablets. It’s a reading revolution that’s taking the world by storm. It’s the reading assistant available to homes across the globe and is the technology behind interactive reading.

Approved by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign as a platform for children to practise their reading, Fonetti is the world’s first listening bookshop. 

Hungry Little Mind Elements_2020 (Fonetti and DfE) NS (300w)

How does Fonetti work?

Think reverse Karaoke, as Fonetti is more about speech than song. Children choose a story and start reading aloud.

When they get the words right, they turn green.

If they get stuck, they double tap for help and can hear how the word should sound.

So, they can practise again and again, with confidence – as there’s no one else listening to them but themselves. When they finish a book, they win rewards, stars and fanfares…as well as a growing love of reading.

What’s more, it’s easy to use, so much so, children from 4 years upwards can use it independently. From ABC books to early readers and beyond, there’s stories on our shelves for every age and ability.

So, this means you can finally grab five minutes to yourself while the kids read but you can also track their progress.

More than stories

Fonetti keeps parents in touch with what your children are reading. You’ll receive regular weekly updates that tell you:

  • how long your child has read for
  • which stories they’ve read
  • the number of times a book has been chosen
  • and what words they’ve struggled with.

It will also tell you if they’ve reached a new reading level so you can give them praise for their hard work. Designed by linguistic professors at the University of Edinburgh, Fonetti can recognise readers speaking English as a second language, those with dyslexia and SEN.

So, it can support every reader individually and allow them to read at their own pace. And with up to four users per app, siblings can still share stories as they would if they chose them from a library.

How does Fonetti compare to your library?

We’ll never ask your children to be quiet. Fonetti needs noise so the rebels will be pleased.

We do share some similarities to your library though, we provide:

Shelves overflowing with new books

  • A community for kids to share their favourite stories via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or with their schools and siblings
  • Opportunities for young writers like our current Young Authors’ Competition, where your children’s stories could be illustrated, published and shared on Fonetti.

But we’re also proud of our differences too. Unlike libraries, with us you won’t:

  • Wait for new releases – your children can read them as soon as they’re launched
  • Pay any penalties – your kids can read their favourite stories as many times as they like
  • Find a favourite story is out of stock – you can access any title regardless of how many other children are reading it at the same time
  • Need to sterilise a story before you open it – just keep your tablet screen clean if it’s a shared device.

Don’t just take our word for it

Libraries may be locked.  Life as we knew it may still be on hold but adventures aren’t, reading isn’t and stories haven’t been shelved.

With us they’re ready to be shared. Fonetti offers a lifeline to literacy in lockdown. It’s a world of escapism that brings fresh new stories to your home every time your children swipe the screen.

Unlock a new world of words: Apple App Store for your children.

A virtual one that a virus can’t close.

The reading-assistant ready to reach your pupils

The reading-assistant ready to reach your pupils

The reading-assistant ready to reach your pupils

Teaching is a vocation.

We know to many of you it’s more than just a job: it’s a calling.

That’s why you go above and beyond for your pupils. Which is why these current times are so challenging – not because of what you need to do to get your job done, but because of what you want to get done to achieve the same standards of care.

Right now, many teachers like you are busier than ever – setting work remotely to cater for a wide variety of needs and abilities.

And it’s hard.

After all, Covid wasn’t part of your plan for this year and to say it’s upset the status quo would be an understatement.

Your priority is the children in your care.

The ones that need your support on so many levels. The ones that need structure, stability, routine and a professional teacher.

In a normal classroom environment of course, you’d have more support. Your TAs would be by your side throughout the term – the team you can lean on for support too.

But things are different now.

Instead of your colleagues, you’re relying on parents to provide the teaching support your pupils need, as best as they can. Many will be struggling. They’re not trained like you and home-schooling will be way out of their comfort zone.

They’ll also be juggling full-time work on top of their new ‘teaching assistant’ status and looking for as much support as you can give them. And that’s what you’re currently doing – setting themes for the week, providing maths resources, English exercises and injecting as much enthusiasm into every day as you possibly can.

But what about literacy?

We all know that, as adults, it’s creative arts that we’re all turning to throughout lockdown. To music, art, drama and literature as an escape.

And our children are no different.

The pages of a story provide unlimited adventures and the distractions that they need, but how can you monitor their reading at home?

In your classroom you’d listen to each child read.

You know which stories they enjoy the most and you know who the confident readers in your class are. You know who the shy children are, the ones who need more encouragement and the ones who struggle to read aloud when the words dance on the page before them.

The ones who stumble at even the simplest of sentences.

They’re the ones missing you right now.

Missing the 1-2-1 support and the confidence boost you give them.

But there is a way you can still help support them.

And it’s less complicated than you think. It’s Fonetti App for iPad and Android tablet.

It’s the reading assistant available to every home, every classroom and is the technology behind interactive reading.

Approved by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign as a platform for children to practise their reading, Fonetti is the world’s first listening bookshop.

Children choose a story and start reading aloud. When they get the words right, they turn green. If they get stuck, they double tap for help. When they finish a book, they win rewards, stars and fanfares.  

Parents will be grateful for you sharing this resource. Not only will it help build their child’s confidence reading aloud, it will improve their literacy and allow them to read aloud without needing an adult (so they gain precious time or a tea break).

But it’s not only parents that benefit.

Imagine the difference this could make to your class when they return

We know you’re under pressure in the working day already. You need to clone yourself and there just aren’t enough hours. But Fonetti can reduce your workload and provide in-depth analytics on how your pupils are progressing. 

With Fonetti you can say goodbye to traditional book logs. Instead you can keep up to date with the progress of every child in your class with one simple click. Fonetti can tell you: 

  • how long each pupil has spent on the app
  • which stories they’ve read
  • the number of times a title has been chosen
  • and what words they’ve struggled with.

Designed by linguistic professors at the University of Edinburgh, Fonetti can tell the difference between children speaking English as a second language, those with dyslexia and SEN. So, it can support every reader individually and allow them to read at their own pace. It also means your TAs can focus their time elsewhere in the classroom – giving you back valuable resource. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what your peers have to say.

Digital natives during lockdown

The generation of pupils missing school throughout this pandemic are the ones who were born with technology at their fingertips. They expect instant feedback for their efforts – the classroom provides this but so does Fonetti.

Nicky Nash, teacher and author explains:

‘Fonetti has tremendous potential to help both teachers and pupils. It provides a platform for pupils to practise their independent reading, enhanced by the immediate feedback and reassurance of Fonetti’s clever ‘listening’ technology. Research has shown that feedback is one of the most powerful tools in the classroom, and as a teacher myself, I know how great the impact is on pupils’ learning when feedback is given instantaneously. Of course, in an ideal world, this feedback would be provided by a teacher, but in a classroom set up of one teacher and thirty pupils, it’s a real challenge faced by all schools, and one that technology can assist with.’

We asked Nicky what impressed her most about Fonetti and what features she believes are most important to teachers:

‘Fonetti have designed their app to be so easy to use. I particularly love the rewards section. Each reader can see how many minutes they have read for, the number of books they have read, and the number of days that they have read daily. It’s a simple, but effective way to celebrate each moment that is spent reading. The star- rating they receive after reading each book is also a useful way for pupils to see how well they have read each book, and a great incentive to improve further.

The fact that the app is inviting and user-friendly will ensure its success in any classroom
Once an established part of pupils’ reading routines, teachers will have access to useful data such as a percentage of accuracy for each individual book, minutes spent on each book and the number of times a pupil has read a specific title. This can all be used to help inform a teacher’s judgment about each pupil’s reading ability. Teachers can also use Fonetti to see which of their pupils are not spending enough time reading, which can be a useful indicator to explain why a child is making slower progress than expected.’

Fonetti bridges a gap between teaching and technology 

Technology, and the world around it, is changing at an exponential rate, yet our education system has changed very little in comparison.

Nicky explains:

Over the last decade, I have seen Primary schools slowly becoming more innovative, and educators are constantly finding better ways to use technology to provide more engaging, more relevant learning experiences for their pupils. However, there are schools where a typical classroom environment still consists of rows of desks, where each pupil sits with a book and a pen or pencil. This is not dissimilar to the classroom set up over one hundred years ago.  Can this really be the best way to teach today’s pupils? Our performance in International league tables suggests not. By truly embedding technology such as Fonetti into everyday teaching and learning, it will not only engage our pupils better, resulting in greater learning, but will also support teachers to make rapid and accurate assessments of pupil’s reading abilities.’ 

Look forward with Fonetti

Covid has interrupted all of our lives. It’s taken away the school environment, the playground, visits to the library and the world as we knew it – for a little while.

But, like you, we know that doesn’t mean it can interrupt the opportunity to learn.

Keep your classroom connected with Fonetti.