Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Join the Fonetti Easter Egg Hunt to win a brand new iPad

Find all 6 Easter Eggs hidden in the Fonetti library to win a brand new iPad

We know that this is not a conventional Easter Bank Holiday and a lot of our young readers will no doubt be missing some of the fun community activities, like the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Do not despair, at Fonetti HQ we have created an alternative – a virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

Inside the Fonetti library we have placed 6 Easter eggs in random places and what you have to do to enter is to find the eggs and then submit the answers via our website. The first lucky child who finds all 6 eggs will receive the top prize of a brand new iPad. BUT don’t despair everyone that submits correct answers will get a something ranging from 1 month to 2 years Free access to the Fonetti titles.

The Prizes!

  • First person to submit the winning information (finding all 6 Easter Eggs) will win the top prize which is a brand new 32gb iPad in your choice of colour (Space grey, silver or gold) – Plus I year’s family subscription to the Fonetti titles -worth £460.
  • All other submissions with the correct information (finding all 6 Easter Eggs) will will receive 1 year’s free family subscription to the Fonetti Titles (worth £60 each).
  • Everyone else that submits more than 1 correct answer will get an extra 3 months’ FREE subscription to Fonetti titles.
  • All entries will go into a prize draw and the first 6 names drawn will receive a signed copy of Clare Balding’s new book ‘The racehorse who learned to dance’.

The Terms and conditions

    • The competition is open until noon on Friday 17th April.
    • Entries can be submitted using the online form on our website or by being emailed to Competitions@fonetti.com marked ‘Easter Egg Hunt’.
    • The Hunt is open to all children up to the age of 16 and the submission must be made by an adult.
    • The submitting adult  is agreeing to the terms and conditions and it is their responsibility to ensure that the child understands the rules.
    • The judge’s decision is final.

We do not gather personal information through the use of this site without consent.

Here’s a link to our privacy policy

Fonetti debuts in London

Fonetti debuts in London

Fonetti debuts in London

Clare Balding introduces Fonetti at a reception held at the IOD in Pall Mall.

What a week we’ve had here at Fonetti HQ!

Not only does today mark a whole 7 days of our app being approved by the Department for Education – but Wednesday night saw our Fonetti Showcase at the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, marking our full public launch.

And what an evening it was! Our Brand Ambassador, Clare Balding OBE, kicked off the evening by welcoming all of our fabulous guests and introducing our co-founder and CEO, Kim Antoniou. Kim gave us a brilliant speech (with a little bit of help from our CCO, Colin Tankard keeping the slide-show going smoothly). Great job there, Colin.

Kim spoke about the back story and how a chance conversation between her and co-founder Bil Bungay 7 years ago  which started with “my 2 year old grandson knows how to use a smartphone even though he still cannot string a full sentence together” ended up with “Lets build a listening Bookshop for children to practice their reading on”  (Little did they know at the time that they would actually have to develop the technology to support the idea!)

Clare Balding & Kim Antoniou at Fonetti's London launch
Kim, Bil & Carla at the London launch
Clare Balding, Kim Antoniou, Colin Tankard & Dr Peter Bell at Fonetti's London launch

They went on to talk about the past, present, and future of EdTech and how what we have developed had the potential to transform they way that the tech enthusiastic kids amongst us practice reading.

Then we heard from the world class Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) expert Dr. Peter Bell of Edinburgh Universities renowned School of Informatics who is the brains behind our unique voice recognition engine, and it’s fair to say a few minds were blown… Our technical lead Lee Sherwood and Colin took some questions about the possibilities of Fonetti and the ASR engine.

Finally, we heard again from Clare, Kim, and Colin. “I’m glad to be a part of something that is going to change the world,” said Clare.

After all the talking, we were all absolutely spoilt with drinks and canapes!

We’d also love to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has downloaded Fonetti over the last week. We hope you’re enjoying our Listening Books!

And don’t forget, our ears are wide open for feedback. Just send an email to us on info@fonetti.com

Get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to find out any more information about Fonetti, or even who we are as a team, please do get in touch.

We are always happy to speak with our users, and look forward to hearing from you sometime.

Fonetti Wins Department for Education Accreditation

Fonetti Wins Department for Education Accreditation

Fonetti Wins Department for Education Accreditation

Fonetti becomes the UK Government’s Approved Platform for Practising Reading!

There’s been a lot of buzz here at Fonetti HQ over the last week. For weeks we’ve been excited to share the news, and finally the time has come…

Hungry-Little-Mind-Elements_2020-Fonetti-239x300DfE logo - standard jpg

…last summer we entered a competition with the UK Government who were out to find the most engaging learning apps for children to use at home and in school.

After all the secrecy and waiting we are proud to share that Fonetti is one of the 6 Apps chosen and that this was made public in a press release today from The Secretary of State for Education The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP and launched as part of the Hungry Little Minds campaign.

What is Hungry Little Minds?

Hungry Little Minds is a government campaign to kickstart children’s learning within homes. The team at HLM have worked hard to be able to provide only the best and most effective learning tools. They aim to aid parents in making informed decisions about how technology can be used for learning in a way that is effective, fun, and encouraging.

Jonathan Douglas, judge and Director at the National Literacy Trust, says that ‘the apps which we have chosen will help parents feed their children’s hungry little minds with great stories, exciting and fun experience of language and offer the support for the early reading experiences which provide the foundation for a lifetime of learning.’

Where does Fonetti come in?

Here at Fonetti we believe literacy to be the basis of all learning. The Literacy Trust found that children who own books at home are three times more likely to read above the level expected for their age compared with their peers who say that they don’t have their own books.

We absolutely recognise just what a difference it makes for a child to have a head start before starting school, and to have the tools available to practice and all the apps chosen as a part of this campaign are designed to help with that cause.

The exciting apps featured on Hungry Little Minds are focussed on instilling in learners an understanding of phonics. These apps are an incredible starting block for little ones just beginning to recognise words and sounds.

  • Lingumi (For children aged 2-5): Sets of learning games, speech recognition games and video-based games to help with a child’s grammar and getting them speaking their first words early on.
  • Kaligo (For children aged 3-5): The first digital handwriting exercise book using a stylus and tablet, built using AI and co-created with teachers, occupational therapists and neuroscientists.
  • Phonics Hero (For school-aged children): Over 850 fun, varied and motivating games take a child step-by-step through the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences.
  • Teach Your Monster to Read (For school-aged children): Covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying little books, designed in collaboration with leading academics.
  • Navigo Game (For school-aged children): Focuses on developing skills that underpin reading, including phonics, letters and sounds, designed by UCL Institute of Education and Fish in a Bottle.
  • Fonetti (For school-aged children): The world’s first ‘Listening Bookshop’ interacting with children by giving visual cues in real-time as they read aloud and highlighting where the most support is needed.

Fonetti compliments these apps wonderfully! We’re aimed at children just a little older, who have picked up these reading and spelling skills. Our app, powered by our own world-first ASR engine, offers Listening Books

What are Listening Books?

Only the most innovative and enjoyable way to build confidence in reading! At least, that’s what we believe. Powered by our dynamic voice recognition technology, children are able to access an ever-growing library full of books only available on Fonetti.

Once a young reader has chosen a book, they’re encouraged to read out aloud. If they read correctly, words will light up green – immediate gratification! Not just that, but if they’re struggling with a tricky word, as we all do sometimes, they can simply double-tab and hear one of our voice artists pronounce the world clearly. Parents can then check their progress reports to see how well they’re doing.

Practice makes the master!

Once a young reader has learned the basics, they can progress onto Fonetti and build up their confidence!

Fonetti can be used with adult supervision or by a child on their own. Fonetti offers the child a safe space to practice their skills, whilst enjoying some fantastic original content. For many learners, this, together with the real-time visual assurance that they are reading exactly what’s on the page, and the rewards and reporting sections, encourages them to improve their skills and read more.

Auris CEO Kim Antoniou says, “We are thrilled to receive this Accreditation and Approval from the UK Government for our first product Fonetti, an App we have created using our unique speech recognition technology designed to work with children’s voices. We look forward to playing our part alongside the British Government, with their ambitions to improve primary aged literacy, and to having a continued positive impact on children literacy in this digital age by encouraging them on their individual journeys towards a love for reading

If you have an iPad, give us a go! See what adventures your little reader discovers.

Sign up now to get 1-month free access to our awesome library of Listening Books. Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to find out any more information about Fonetti, or even who we are as a team, please do get in touch.

We are always happy to speak with our users, and look forward to hearing from you sometime.

The Leeds Castle Big Story Writing Challenge

The Leeds Castle Big Story Writing Challenge

The Leeds Castle Big Story Writing Challenge

Winning Stories of both categories to be published on Fonetti.

Fonetti are proud Sponsors in the Leeds Castle’s Big Story Writing Challenge! Here at Fonetti, we champion independent art and writing from creators of all ages. We want to not only aid children’s literacy skills, but to encourage creativity, too!

That’s we are proud to work alongside our Brand Ambassador Clare Balding to support The Leeds Castle Big Story Writing Challenge.

…This year, the competition’s theme is One Golden Day, inspired by… …an event that took place 500 years ago in 1520 when Henry VIII stayed at Leeds Castle with 5,000 of his courtiers.

He was on his way to meet the King of France for a massive jamboree that has since become known as ‘The Field of Cloth of Gold’. Children aged between 5 – 13 are invited to send in their most imaginative work to be in with a chance of winning some pretty ace prizes (if we do say so ourselves).

We will be offering the 2 lucky winners the chance to see their book fully illustrated and published on Fonetti. Our Fonetti authors can’t begin to describe the magical feeling of seeing their words come to life.

So we are thrilled to be able to offer your young, budding authors this opportunity! And it’s not just this incredible prize, either! Winners will also receive:

  • A stay at Knight’s Glamping
  • Tickets to the Fireworks Spectacular 2020
  • Collection of Clare Balding’s children’s books
  • Hamper of fun prizes.

Go spread the word to all of the budding young authors around you? To enter your child please go to The Leeds Castle website Spread the word and join in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #BigStoryWritingChallenge

Check out Clare’s top writing tips

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Auris Collects an Evidence Aware Edward

Auris Collects an Evidence Aware Edward

Auris Collects an Evidence Aware Edward

We’re delighted to announce our successful completion of UCL’s Educate programme!

Last Friday we were at Educate’s Demo Day and Edward Ceremony which took place at City Hall in the heart of London where we were honoured to have collected our very own Edward Award which was presented to us by the legendary Professor Rose Luckin.

Educate is a research accelerator programme for EdTech companies, based at UCL Institute of Education. This Demo Day saw 8 EdTech companies pitching to a panel of investors, and over 40 companies picking up an Edward after participating in the Educate programme and successfully applying real research in their ventures. 

We were one of them!

The Educate programme operates on the idea that the EdTech industry has to be based on excellent business practice and academic research. When we began the Education programme, Fonetti was in beta phase of development. From then, Educate has aided us in gathering data, and now we have an Evidence Aware Edward, and a technology at the heart of our app which just keeps getting better and better.

Through Educate, we gained valuable data on product developments. We made improvements to the gamification element of the app, collected data on customer experiences and market value of Fonetti. And, of course, we were able to clearly evaluate the performance of our own speech recognition engine. 

And right now, Fonetti is live in the AppleStore – you can access it here www.fonetii.com/signup! 

Our experience with Educate has been better than we could have imagined. We’re over the moon to have been a part of it, and to be a part of the wider EdTech community. Read our founder and CEO Kim Antoniou’s thoughts on the programme here.

You can read more about the day from Educate here

Congratulations to everybody else completing the programme and thank you to Educate for such a smashing day!