Continue school reading at home

Families want to support the great work you do in school – from pointers for homework to attending events. 

However, there can be many reasons why parents and carers might find supporting reading at home difficult.

Many will need to juggle work commitments, siblings and household commitments, and others are simply not confident readers, so find it hard to read with children. 

Fonetti is the virtual reading assistant for school and home.

The great news is, as a Fonetti School Portal user, your pupils can connect the tablets that they use at home, to their school Fonetti account, making it just like sending a book home, without actually needing to, with the added benefit of a single easy-to-access dashboard with all the pupil reading data in it. 

No School Portal? No problem

Your pupils can still use Fonetti at school and home – wherever there is a tablet.

While you consider access to the School Portal, and hopefully sponsorship for it, we’re here to help you spread the good news about Fonetti.

We know we’re asking children to deal with more than usual right now so we’re here to help.

We’ve made it easy for you to share this good news with parents – in school newsletters, on your website or social media.

Simply download the information sheet below.

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