Support an entire Primary School with a year of interactive reading with Fonetti

From £595. That’s all it takes to make a fundamental difference to 100’s of children… that’s as little as the price of a coffee per child. That has to be worth it.

The reality is that on average, 200,000 children leave school every year without reaching the expected level of reading for their age, and this staggering statistic has been made much worse by the pandemic disruption to schools; impacting learning and access to books. Schools have been hit hard.

When you give the gift of reading, you’re giving a child the foundation for lifelong learning, and your generosity will have a positive impact on children’s education far beyond today.


Teachers and children love Fonetti, but budgets are stretched.

Volunteer reading assistants haven’t been able to come into school and reading has suffered.

Community projects have been impacted by Covid, and many businesses still want to do something to help schools.

Literacy is always a priority, and it’s been a concern for some time. Now the problem is off the scale and we must give our young children every chance to have a successful future, regardless of the disruption.

Kids love reading with Fonetti… it brings reading into the 21st Century

Reading evolves as we do. From stone tablets, to parchment, to ebooks. Now there is Fonetti – interactive listening books.

Fonetti boosts literacy in a fun way, bringing engaging reading to the gaming generation… perfect when children want to use screens.

Fonetti builds a love of reading that carries on as children grow, giving them the foundations for a lifetime of learning.

So what is Fonetti?

Fonetti is the multi award-winning, Department for Education approved, interactive Reading Practise App that uses our unique and patented child voice recognition technology to listen to children as they read aloud, and holds their attention by turning the words green in real-time when they get them right, and by giving in-app rewards and fanfares.

The immediate recognition in the Fonetti App, helps to build pupil confidence, and the Fonetti School Portal makes book allocation and pupil progress tracking a breeze for teachers, so they can deploy support to children in the most useful and efficient way.

How everyone benefits from your contribution


Kids love Fonetti.

Visual real-time encouragement is supported by fanfares, rewards and reports to show progress.

Have a sense of being supported whilst having independence.

Supports children when English is an additional language or where parents don’t have the skills or confidence to help at home.


Provides a virtual reading assistant to support overstretched (or missing) resources.

Allows teachers to see at a glance where to focus attention.

Provides data so teachers can tailor learning for individual children.

Supports children with dyslexia and/or special education needs.


Develop a relationship with the school.

Your team can get involved.

Regular updates on how your support has helped.

Opportunity for positive press for your company and the school.

You know you’re doing something meaningful to help children at a time of need.

Want to know more?

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