Bett Awards Finalists 2019

BETT Awards 2019 Finalists

by | Jan 24, 2019 | News

Fonetti is a proud Finalist! 

We had an amazing evening last night at the BETT Awards 2019 where we were finalists in the Best Education Support Resource for Parents or Home Learning.

We were amongst some truly great competition and were honoured to have been selected by the esteemed panel of judges.

Auris Tech Limited – Fonetti

Auris Tech has created the World’s First speech recognition engine built specifically for children’s read speech. It powers Fonetti®, our tablet app that provides a highly interactive and encouraging reading environment for kids through our voice-enabled Listening Books™.

Think: reverse karaoke. As a child correctly reads our familiar content aloud, the words light up. Kids are so engaged, they actually want to read during tablet time! They feel brave and comfortable reading, love earning rewards, delight in visual and voice engagement, and their supportive adults benefit from the progress tracking. Auris aims to advance literacy globally, starting in the UK.

You can read all about the category and the competition Bett Awards finalists

Many congratulations to the winning company Tassamai

…Next Year!!!