12 Stories of Christmas

Celebrities read ’12 Stories of Christmas’

by | Dec 25, 2020 | EAL, Literacy, News, SEND

We’ve all heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas and now we’ve teamed up with 12 celebrities who will each read a story from the main Fonetti library, available free of charge to hear and view.

Amongst others, the celebrities include: Clare Balding, Ade Adepitan, Martin Roberts, Alice Arnold, Robert Rinder, Sarah Willingham, Anneka Rice, Naomi Isted and Kaye Adams.

From Christmas Day, each new story will be available from https://www.fonetti.com/kids/12-stories-of-christmas/. In order to add to the excitement and expectation of the campaign, we’re not sharing who will read on which day; it will be a big reveal!

Kim Antoniou, Co-Founder and CEO of Fonetti said: “Christmas is such an exciting time and we wanted to add to that excitement as well as to promote our commitment to literacy, not only in children, but for all.”

Entrepreneur, investor, consumer champion and former ‘Dragon’ from Dragon’s Den, Sarah Willingham, who reads one of the stories: “I’m delighted to have been asked to read one of the Fonetti library stories over Christmas. It is a time of wonder and joy for children, and the ability to read is the foundation for all learning.”

“I hope I am able to bring some magic to my story and that it may be the catalyst to encourage the listeners to want to read more!”

And, says Clare Balding, our Brand Ambassador; “Fonetti is such a simple concept and a brilliant use of technology to support children, make them feel more confident and allow parents to monitor their progress. Having my fellow celebrities to help spread the message is just fantastic!”

As a thank you and to spread the festivity, we asked each celebrity to nominate a primary school to receive an annual schools subscription to the Fonetti library, bringing the magic of listening books to hundreds of young readers.

“Due to the extraordinary circumstances of 2020, schools have come under increasing pressure and many primary schools have put reading at the top of their priority list.”

“We’ve reached out to many of the sponsored schools and they have been overwhelmed with the generous gesture offered to them. Our celebrity nominations will add to their number which is a phenomenal achievement.