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As a Classlist user, you’re no stranger to the benefits of technology. So, you’re in good company with us. We know you’ll love our iPad app (Android coming soon). But your children will love it more. With Fonetti they can read independently without your support and will grow in confidence at the same time.

Accredited by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign as an approved platform for children to practice their reading, we’re a reading revolution. We’re the only platform that listens as children read, that recognises their speech regardless of dialect, accent or native tongue.

How does it work?

Children choose a book from an ever-evolving library, start reading aloud and then the magic happens. When they get the words right, they light up green. If they get stuck, they double tap for help. And as the pages turn, the fanfares, prizes and encouragement begin.

It also supports you as a parent

We know you’re busy. Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day and reading-practice can sometimes fall down the list of parenting priorities. Fonetti keeps it front of mind, focused and keeps you up to date with your child’s progress. Fonetti can tell you:

  • how long your child has spent on the app
  • which stories they’ve read
  • the number of times a title has been chosen
  • and what words they’ve struggled with.

Designed by linguistic professors at the University of Edinburgh, Fonetti can tell the difference between children speaking English as a second language and those with dyslexia and SEN so it can support every reader individually and allow them to read at their own pace.

And right now, it’s a digital bookshop of unlimited adventures, ready to transport imaginations from your sofa to storyland, without your support.

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Fonetti is offering 3 months free access to all children throughout the current lockdown period.

Download the app from the App Store and receive 3 months free!

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Are you a teacher or in eduction? Find out how Fonetti can help teachers and pupils and how to get in touch.

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As part of the Hungry Little Minds Campaign Fonetti won the approval of the Department of Education as a recommended App for the practice of reading for primary aged children.
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