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Are you a writer, illustrator, publisher or agent?

Have you considered the benefits of reaching a new audience with Listening Books™? Transform your existing words, pictures or a complete catalogue of work with Fonetti.

We have a global audience ready and waiting to read new stories from established authors and debut creatives.

The Fonetti Bookshop has a marketplace where readers can access stories from a variety of authors and publishers, which are purchased in a monthly subscription bundle or as single book purchases.

Why Fonetti?

Reader engagement

E-books do not yet engage young readers enough to compete for screen time.

The interactive interface, rewards and real-time feedback in Fonetti makes reading fun and provides constructive screen time.

Patented technology

We have the UK’s largest database of child voices and accents in ‘read’ speech, which is critically different to conversational speech.

As a result, our patented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine has industry-leading accuracy.

Unique reporting

Our technology listens to children as they read aloud, so we can let adults, teachers and the child know when a book has been read (not just opened), where the child stopped reading, time spent and so much more.

This data has never been available before.

Sound interesting?

Do you want your content to reach new audiences that you can track?

Do you want to create a brand new revenue stream and be in at the beginning of this literary revolution?

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