DEAR for Dyslexia (& Fonetti)

by | Mar 12, 2022 | Literacy, News, SEND

What is DEAR for Dyslexia?

DEAR stands for ‘Drop Everything and Read’. It’s a reading activity that’s been popular in primary school classrooms for over a decade, and it’s where everybody takes time out of their day to focus on reading.

…but it’s not a way of reading that works for everybody. For people with low literacy, dyslexia and even other neurodiversities, DEAR can feel restrictive, or isolating – some people need support to read, and some need different stimuli, and some simply don’t read well in a every environment.

We partnered with the campaign as we share the belief that reading is important, and we need to support people to read with a range of formats – and Fonetti presents an innovative #ReadAloud format.

We ‘dropped everything and read’ – to show our support, and Vicki took part in a brief TechTalk, which you can view on YouTube.