Guilt-free screen time

When we heard that one of our fans loves Fonetti more than gaming, we knew had something right.

So what’s Fonetti all about?

The Fonetti concept is really simple:

What is Fonetti?

Think reverse Karaoke, but for speech more than song. Children choose a story and start reading aloud. When they get the words right, they turn green.

If they get stuck, they simply double tap for a clue.

So, they can practise again and again, with confidence.

When they finish a book, they win rewards, stars and fanfares…as well as a growing love of reading. 

The combination of technology, engaging stories, constant feedback AND in-app rewards is compelling. Not only does Fonetti help develop a self-initiated love of reading, it also builds confidence and boosts literacy in the reader.

Guilt-free screentime for less than the price of a coffee per month.

Right now we’re offering Annual Subscriptions at 50% off compared to monthly – from just £19.99 for a single device.

This is why we believe the Fonetti Listening Books™ are the next evolution of books.

UK Department for Education approved

We’re really proud that Fonetti was the only app approved by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign for children to practise reading.

DfE & Hungry Little Minds

How can Fonetti help your child?

Fonetti promotes independent learning. It allows your child to practise their reading with minimum parental input. It’s safe and secure. Stories will never be interrupted by third party adverts and in-app purchases for premium books are safely behind a parent password.

Ideal for home-learning and socially-distant school days, Fonetti stories don’t need sterilising or putting into quarantine.

Fonetti supports phonic progression and rewards children as they read. It boosts their learning without the perceived challenge of homework. What’s more, all our stories are available at a variety of reading levels.

Developed with leading Speech Recognition Specialists at the University of Edinburgh, Fonetti is designed to support literacy for all and build skills for life. Fonetti can recognise every UK dialect. It also recognises readers speaking English as an additional language, those with dyslexia or who need SEN support.

And with up to four users on any single device subscription, siblings can share stories just as they would library books – at no extra cost.

Fonetti can save you money…

Think of Fonetti as the tutor in your tablet. One that your kids have an instant rapport with – technology. With the average price of a private tutor costing more per hour than an annual subscription to Fonetti, you can save money while your kids reap the rewards of educational support.

Will it save me time?

Yes. With Fonetti your child reads independently. You can still read with them but if you’re short of time, your absence won’t be missed. Neither will you miss out.

Within the app you can find out:

  • how long your child has read for
  • which stories they’ve read
  • the number of times a book has been chosen
  • how accurate their reading has been

Fonetti will save you space

Reduce the mountains of book piles around the house with just one tablet. Fonetti Listening Books don’t need sanitising – so your kids can enjoy them again and again – on demand.

Fonetti is your perfect partner when travelling – whether in the car, on the train, or at your destination; your young readers will always have entertainment at their fingertips. 

    Ready to sign up?

    Get started with Fonetti in two simple steps:

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    2) Download the app

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    How Fonetti can improve mental health

    We launched Fonetti earlier than planned in 2020, to offer thousands of children escapism and adventure through stories, during lockdown.

    While the impact of lockdown on our children is still to be seen, one thing is certain – stories have the power to heal.

    They offer a welcome distraction from reality and open a door to a world of joy.

    That’s why our shelves have a selection of titles from a range of authors that help explain what’s going on, and support wellbeing. From Nicky Nash’s Our World Needs a Clean, to Martin Roberts’ Sadville (supported by the NSPCC), children can choose stories that help and heal with Fonetti.

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