Give a gift of reading

Are you looking for a unique gift for an eager reader? Or something different that doesn’t involve socially-distanced shopping and doesn’t need wrapping or posting?

Then you’re exactly where you need to be.

Right here, where you can buy a Fonetti gift subscription or book giftcard.

This isn’t your average subscription.

It’s an endless supply of stories and a ticket to a world of words, overflowing with imagination.

The 50% off annual subscriptions offer (50% off monthly subscriptions for a year) is just part of our commitment to bring engaging, interactive reading to as many children as possible.

Giving to schools

As part of our 500,000 Readers campaign, we’re encouraging businesses (or individuals) to work with us and sponsor schools.

This will give hundreds of pupils in each primary school access to the tools they need to get their reading back on track.

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