Gaming for Glory: How Gamification Can Help the Reading Journey

by | Nov 29, 2019 | EAL, Literacy, SEND

Do you know the positive effects of using gaming techniques in different learning methods?

Gaming in education: can it help?

Getting our kids to sit down to do their schoolwork can sometimes seem like a struggle. There’s homework that needs doing but they’d rather be playing on their games console. So you spend ages nagging and nagging… sound familiar?

Naturally, as parents or teachers we want educational success for our children. But I’m sure you’ll agree that what matters most is their happiness.

Getting the right balance is so important.

At Fonetti HQ we like to think that there are many ways to actively support a chid with their education. One way we feel can really make a difference (and one we have incorporated ourselves!) is ‘Gamification’.


Gamification! This is when you add in elements of ‘gaming’ to otherwise traditional methods of learning. For example, on-screen challenges, quests or reward systems. It is all about amplifying the effects and results of learning with the motivational techniques found within games.

Gamification is recognised in schools throughout the world. It can take on many roles, including interactive class quizzes and online reading programmes tailored to each individual pupil. But the focus is always on the learning experience itself.

How can this help?

Understandably, some parents may feel a little reluctant to bring even more ‘gaming’ into their child’s life. But this method can really bring some great benefits to their education. Why not redirect that engagement?

Gamification can significantly help a child keep their focus. It makes things fun! If a child is enjoying what they are doing, they’re going to do it more. It’s even better when a child is learning without even realising…

It’s a confidence builder, too. Most kids are pretty familiar with gaming techniques. A child will have a natural confidence with their ability here. Who doesn’t love feeling like an expert?

Whats more, the techniques used often allow for a child to work at their own pace and their own ability. They can track their own progress and feel a personal sense of achievement. The element of competition means they will want to push themselves further to beat their last score.

At Fonetti…

You will certainly find Gamification techniques over here!

Young readers can be engaged in some gaming techniques. The first they do is design their own character and choose their favourite themes.

Using these techniques in the right way can really enrich a child’s learning.

From all of us at Fonetti –

Happy reading!