Improve your English with Fonetti

Practice makes perfect. That’s a phrase we say a lot in the UK. How would you like to practice your English pronunciation and improve reading skills for just a few minutes each day?

With Fonetti you can, and in a fun and enjoyable way. Whether it’s for English speaking children, or children learning English as a foreign language, or even adults, Fonetti is a great way to significantly improve reading, pronunciation, and vocabulary using an iPad (Android coming soon), as well as helping develop a love of reading.

Designed to recognise initially UK based accents (including non-native English speakers), new accents from around the world are being constantly added, and indeed, we encourage users to add to the pool of accents, using the built-in accent learning tools, and help others.

Fonetti works by displaying books, and then listening as the users reads the books back. As the words are correctly pronounced they change colour, showing the reader how they are doing, and building confidence. Progression through the books brings fanfares, prizes, and encouragement. Fonetti is the only platform that has this listening and learning ability.

Diagnostic tools can show how the users are doing, where they’re doing well, and where they’re struggling, to enable focused education.


Accredited by the UK’s Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign as an approved platform for children to practice their reading.

How does it work?

To get started, simply download the app, and then chose books from our extensive library from major publishers, with new books being constantly added. When a book has been completed, just go back to the library and chose another! If stuck, just double tap at any point for help.

Want to see it in action? Download Fonetti from the App Store with 3 months free.

Fonetti makes reading fun, wherever you are…regardless of age or ability. 

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Currently available in the following countries
Australia    Belarus   Italy   Israel    New Zealand    Russia   Spain    United Kingdom   United States of America

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