How does Fonetti work?

Does the thought of reading aloud make your tummy flutter?

If nerves give you butterflies or make you stumble over sentences, we understand that reading might not be your favourite thing.

But Fonetti makes it fun.

Fun with Fonetti

A bit like karaoke but without the music, Fonetti is more about speech than songs. We know words can be tricky – that’s why we listen. When you get the words right, they turn green, if you get stuck – just double tap for a clue.

And before you know it, you’re flying through those pages – faster than a rocket ship powered by parsnips or a runaway rollercoaster whizzing round the world.

Once you’ve stepped inside our stories, you’ll never want to leave.


What does it mean to be a Fonetti friend?

As a friend of Fonetti you’ll be part of a unique club that gives you access to a world of stories and:


Seasonal activities

Celebrate important days with Fonetti. Hunt for Easter Eggs and Halloween Pumpkins in our bookshop, take part in summer activities and open our Christmas stories.



From writing and drawing to treasure hunts, Fonetti friends can enter quizzes, solve puzzles and show off creative talents in our competitions.


...and more...

We’re always thinking up new fun things to do with Fonetti… and we’d love to hear your ideas too!

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