Fonetti is the interactive reading practise app for children

It’s educational, it’s fun & it’s used in schools & at home

Fonetti gives teachers actionable reading data

to drive effective classroom interactions

Fonetti encourages pupils to engage with reading

Nurturing a love of reading is invaluable

Children use the power of their own voice

to accelerate and embed their learning

We use automatic speech recognition to engage children with reading, and unlike e-books or audiobooks, we use the power of the child’s own voice to accelerate and embed their learning, whilst giving teachers actionable pupil reading data to drive effective classroom interactions.

Fonetti is the tablet-based, interactive reading practise app, which engages children and encourages them to read more and improve their reading accuracy as they read aloud.

The Fonetti School Portal gives teachers comprehensive, real-time reading data, so you can track pupil reading progress and provide efficient, focused support to drive tangible improvements.

Screenshot of the words changing colour in the Fonetti app

Children benefit from reading aloud

Fonetti uses our proprietary automatic speech recognition technology to actively listen to children as they read aloud, turning the words green in real-time when they get them right.

Works across multiple accents

The app works with all UK based accents including where English is an additional language, and whether at school or home, reading aloud with Fonetti helps children realise the power of their own voice… perfect for a confidence boost.

Happy girl reading on an iPad with a graphical representation of the world

Not just another ebook reader

Fonetti is not just another ebook reader. It’s part of a reading revolution. It’s designed to engage a new generation of tech-savvy children who are used to real-time interactions, validation and engagement.

Books to encourage a love of reading

With an ever-growing library of content which includes fiction, non-fiction and curriculum-supporting content that’s suitable for different ages and abilities, Fonetti sparks, develops and reinforces a love of reading in both reluctant and more confident readers.

Collection of book covers from the Fonetti library
Fonetti in school

The power of reading aloud

Teachers, you know reading aloud has multiple benefits for readers, over and above reading silently or listening to narration.

When your pupils read aloud with the Fonetti app you can track their progress, even when you’ve not had 1:1 time.

Image of the Fonetti School Portal, showing reading accuracy
Image of the Fonetti School Portal, showing class reading accuracy

Actionable reading data

Pupil reading data is available in the Fonetti School Portal – a simple-to-use, web-based management tool.

In the dashboards, you can see at a glance who has been reading, for how long, their level of accuracy and who needs extra help.

Easy book allocation

The Fonetti School Portal is also where you can allocate new books to individual pupils and/or whole class cohorts, according to their needs.

And, with Fonetti, you’re no longer restricted by the number of physical books in your classroom.

Image of the Fonetti School Portal, showing book allocation

The Portal is perfect for tracking progress between classes, year groups, KS1-KS2, and focus cohorts, and ensuring your precious 1:1 time is effectively used to make a tangible, trackable difference.

Pupils use the app on tablets in the classroom and can seamlessly link to home devices for meaningful homework activity.

Fonetti has been tried and beta-tested in schools throughout 2020.
Here’s what some of the teachers told us:

Fonetti has been a wonderful gift for us. It has enabled children to access high quality engaging texts and see how accurately they can read.

Jonathan Hart, Headteacher, Fritwell Primary School

“It is really good for children who don’t really like reading in front of others, especially if they’ve got a confidence issue”

Karena Cubillo, Primary School Teacher

Fonetti allows our children to engage with reading in an interactive and unique way; building the foundation for a life-long love of books.

Bella Green, Teacher, Belmont Primary School

The voice recognition is an excellent way to prompt children’s ability to read aloud; the words changing colour provides instant feedback for the children which in turn creates intrinsic satisfaction and motivation.

Vicky Langan, Teacher, Paulton Junior School

The books can be tailored by the class teacher who can get immediate feedback on the children’s performance.

The children love it too!!!

Jonathan Hart, Headteacher, Fritwell Primary School

Nurturing a love of reading, that remains with children throughout their lifetime, is invaluable and Fonetti is such a brilliant way of aiding with this and at the same time developing their reading skills.

Simon Davies, Headteacher, Balfour Primary School

We have already had parents sending in messages of thanks for this opportunity

Katie Henson, Headteacher, St Andrew’s Primary School

Balfour Primary School logo
St Andrews CE Primary School logo
Belmont Primary School logo

Want to join the Fonetti reading revolution?

Fonetti School Packages from £395

Packages start at 60 pupils for one year, from £395. Price depends on numbers of pupils and subscription duration. MAT pricing available.

Prices exclude VAT

Fonetti at home

There are so many apps out there, so how do you choose one that is educational and fun? 

With Fonetti, not only are you giving your child access to an engaging app full of brilliant stories and fact-based books, it also uses a unique technology that improves reading skills better than ebooks and audiobooks.

We asked parents, carers and children what they love about Fonetti…

“Elodie had already mastered phonics, when we started using Fonetti. The app has accelerated her reading progress significantly. She eagerly dives into chapter books, (she’s only 5), and now reads with the class above at school! Thank you!”

Zak, Dad to 2 Fonetti fans

“I love it more than Minecraft!”

Adam, Age 8

“When my son Giovani first used the Fonetti app, I noticed how much more confident, and in control he was about sounding out the words. As a parent you always want to support your child the best way you can. Thank you Fonetti for adding value to our reading time.”

Louise Power, Mum to Giovani

“Thank you so much for the good news, this has really boosted my confidence in English.”

(Category winner in the Young Authors’ Competition 2020)

Arran, Aged 11

“I have dyslexia and I’ve found that using Fonetti for school demonstrations has really helped my reading and confidence too!”

Victoria Edgar, Parent & Fonetti team member

Give the gift of reading… download Fonetti today

How Fonetti works

Voice recognition developed for reading

As children read aloud with Fonetti, the words turn green in real-time when they get them right…

If a child isn’t sure how to say a word, they simply double-tap it and Fonetti reads the word to them.

Image of Fonetti happy child using iPad
Fonetti - words turn green or grey

Providing subtle error feedback 

If they miss a word or get it wrong, Fonetti turns it grey and crucially, it allows the child to continue their reading flow which is extremely important for young readers.

Friendly reporting to encourage and motivate

When the child completes a book, they are congratulated and given a percentage score for accuracy, which they can compare with their previous accuracy scores and reading duration for the other books they’ve read, encouraging them to want to improve and read more.

Fonetti - reader report
Image of a teacher with pupil

Can be used in school and home

When used in schools as a reading resource, there’s the added benefit of the pupil reading data being passed real-time into the School Portal, which teachers review and use to drive more effective interventions.

Teachers… bring Fonetti to your school

Families… download Fonetti today

Here’s a word from our Brand Ambassador…

“I’m a massive fan of Fonetti because of the inventive way it makes reading fun, engages young readers and captures their imaginations. This is a highly innovative education startup motivated by a global vision to improve reading skills and why I agreed to support the business and become it’s Brand Ambassador.”

Clare Balding CBE
Broadcaster, Presenter & Author

…and we’re proud of our awards & achievements, including…

BETT 2022 Finalist - Primary Language & Literacy
BETT 2022 Finalist - SEBD Resources
PWC AI Startups
BETT Finalist 2021
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The multi-patented technology behind Fonetti has been developed by automatic speech recognition experts Auris Tech Limited and The University of Edinburgh’s world renowned School of Informatics.​

University of Edinburgh