Realistic resolutions

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Literacy

Now’s about the time when many New Year resolutions have gone out of the window. That’s OK – let’s restart and make some realistic ones!

Just think, how many resolutions did you set last year? How many did you stick to throughout the year? Despite lockdown and the chaos it has brought to our routines, a new year is the perfect time to start afresh and focus your mind on a new challenge, but very few of us finish the year sticking to them. Whatever our resolution, this year will be different for obvious reasons. So why not reset your expectations and be kind to yourself – make reading the resolution that’s an achievable goal with a little help from us.

Make 2021 the year of reading

Set your kids a lockdown challenge with a difference. Last year proved just how focussed children can be when they have a goal. So why not set a reading resolution with them this year – one that’s fun and boosts literacy at the same time? And one that the whole family can take part in.

As adults we should set a goal to read 10 pages per day. That equates to approx. 12 books a year, potentially one a month. For children this could be a picture book each day or a chapter of a book each day. And with Fonetti’s help it’s not only a fun way of achieving a goal but it’s practically guaranteed.

Collection of Fonetti book covers

Choose from a library bursting with Listening Books ™

Fonetti is an easy habit to form. And it’s a fun way to get your kids focussed on reading through lockdown. Choose from our shelves packed with stories, from picture books to chapter books including our Enid Blyton book bundles.

Just 5 minutes on Fonetti each day can boost literacy through improved pronunciation, extended vocabulary and a nurtured love of reading.

And it’s completely independent, so it also gives you some time back in your day too. Whether a challenge set at home or via the classroom, adult input is minimal – the children read each day, collect stars and improve their scores.

And there’s a prize for the most active reader

Tell us when you’ve started your new year’s reading resolution (even if it’s from today!) and we’ll check throughout the year to see who is most active on Fonetti. If your kids or class read with Fonetti every day in 2021 they could win a prize at the end of the year!

Lockdown shouldn’t impact literacy.

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