Young Authors’ Competition 2021 Winners Announced!

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Literacy, News

Many congratulations to everyone who sent a short story or poem into the 2021 Fonetti Young Authors’ Competition, and thanks to every parent, carer and teacher that supported the creative process.

There really were so many astonishing entries from the UK and around the world, that it made the judging decisions very difficult!

Today, we’re delighted to announce our winners, the runner ups and a collection of authors whose work was highly commended by the judges! We’ll be in touch with the winners shortly about prizes.

Well done to everyone who took part, keep writing, keep dreaming, keep going!

Winners 2021

Short Story (up to 9 years)

Arthur Haskell – The Trapped Miner

Short Story (10+ years)

Sajaan Amrith – The Unexpected Visitor

Poem (up to 9 years)

Sarah Mirkin – Corona Corona

Poem (10+ years)

Katie Thorpe – Flanders Field

Runner Ups 2021

Short Story (up to 9 years)

Avyaya Iyer – Gyana and the Wizard

Short Story (10+ years)

Megan Warry – Got a bone to pick

Poem (up to 9 years)

Niamh Davidson & Ethan Boyd – Friendships

Poem (10+ years)

Kayla-Ann Thomason – Nasty Spider

Highly Commended 2021

Short Story (up to 9 years)

Lucy Freegard – The Explorer

Short Story (10+ years)

Evie McCulloch – A day in the life of…

Poem (up to 9 years)

Atamandike Chabuka – The Trees

Sajali Amrishka – The Old Man

Ellis Crossley – Coronavirus

Rachel MacNeil – Friendship

Niamh Davidson – Family

Poem (10+ years)

Owen MacNeil – Friendships

Forbes Little, Logan Sinclair, Josh Dealtry – Pool Party

Jude Aldrich S. Allaga – Something Better, Something New

Jude Aldrich S. Allaga – Tiny Speck

Ray Taylor – Poem about Summer


Thanks to our esteemed panel of judges with their help, insight and wisdom in judging the competition this year. We were delighted to hear their feedback about the richness of vocabulary, abundant creativity, inspiring imagination and brilliant humour in the entries.

Thanks to (L-R) Martin Roberts, Kirsty Crommie, Christina Gabbitas, Donavan Christopher (aka Rappaman) and Suzie Lavington for supporting so many young authors on their writing journey.