Young Authors' Competition winners announced

Young Authors’ Competition 2020

by | Oct 26, 2020 | EAL, Literacy, News, SEND

Thank you thank you thank you from all of us at Fonetti HQ and our judges.

You have blown us away with your amazing talent and incredible stories.

We received nearly 100 entries. And most of these were written during term-time and all the distractions of home-school and lockdown – which made every story even more impressive.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write and share your story.

And here’s a quick message to you from Greg James, one of our judges:

We’re so excited to announce the winners

Not only have we chosen a winner for each of the five illustrations, we’ve also chosen an overall winner too. And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Because the standard of your writing was so high, and as we were so impressed with your creativity, we’re also recognising our runners up and a small number of highly-commended stories.


So, drumroll please…here’s Clare Balding to announce the winners:

Up to 9 years of age 


Emily Compton
“How Elephant met Moon”


Mia Boyd
“Horrifying Hazel”


Guru Kashyap
“Greeny the Caring Tree”


Nitya Sharma
“Magic or Science”


Anna Deatcher
“The Fun Fight”


Avyaya Iyer
“The Watering Cowboys”


Arran Wallace
“Funny Bones”


Seth Traczykowski
“The Darkest Night”


Georgia Taylor
“In Your Hands”


Lucy McGhie
“A Day at My Mum’s Surgery”

In recognition of brilliant writing talent, these phenomenal young authors have all been highly commended for their stories:

Phoebe Allan
Sebastian Browning
Kieron Cuthbertson
Alice Edwards
Amelie Harries
Eve Maisie Mackison
Amelia Thomas

If you’re one of the lucky winners we’ll be in touch with you over the next few days. We’d love to hear your thoughts on winning and to let you know what happens next as your stories are illustrated by the great Angus Bungay and published on Fonetti.

It was incredibly hard for our judges to choose the winners. If you weren’t chosen this time you should still be immensely proud of your work. With such a high standard of writing we’re excited about the future authors amongst you.

So much so, we’re already planning our next competition – so keep an eye on these pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information soon.

So, congratulations to Georgia, Anna, Emily, Guru, Arran, Mia, Seth, Lucy, Avyaya, Nitya, Eve, Amelia, Phoebe, Sebastian, Alice, Kieron and Amelie and thank you all once again.

The Judges

Stories were judged by these phenomenal writers:

Clare Balding

Clare Balding

National treasure, broadcaster and author of ‘My Animals and Other Family’

Francesca Simon (author approved)

Francesca Simon

Author of the famous Horrid Henry series

Greg James

Greg James

Radio DJ, TV presenter and co-author of the popular Kid Normal series

Chris Smith - credit Jenny Smith

Chris Smith

Radio presenter and co-author of the popular Kid Normal series