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Fonetti listens to children as they are read out loud and actively encourages them to keep going by turning the words green when they get them right then it motivates them to read more with fanfares, badges and rewards.

Books that listen
Books that listen

Books in The Listening Bookshop will actually listen to the child as they read aloud, highlighting the words as they get it right and showing them when they get it wrong.

Encouraging feedback
Encouraging feedback

Fonetti uses an encouraging feedback process that enables children to improve their reading skills, and creates the desire to read more by awarding stars and badges.

Quality Content
Quality Content

A unique and extensive library of well-illustrated interactive children’s books that are proven to be entertaining, educational and fun which capture the child’s attention and leave them wanting to read more.

With Fonetti, words on screen light up green when correctly read aloud.
If you would like to try it, you can speak into your mic from your phone, tablet or computer and see it happen in real-time!

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At Home

With The Listening Bookshop, parents no longer have to choose between story time or tablet time – they’ve got both, all in one easy-to-use app.

Fonetti provides a valuable and safe tool which will enable your child to read alone in a supported way. The Listening Bookshop provides primary school aged children with that patient, comforting listening ear to help in the learning-to-read journey at any time and in any place. Readers can start a book at school, and seamlessly finish reading it at home.

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At School

When teachers don’t always have enough time to sit one to one with every single child, Fonetti acts as a Virtual Classroom Assistant.

In the classroom, The Listening Bookshop gives children the chance to read independently whilst still getting the support they need, enabling teachers to use their limited time to reach each pupil more effectively. The app helps teachers to engage with parents and allows seamless transition between the classroom and the home. Fonetti keeps track of what children have been reading and notes what they have struggled with, providing a record and assessment.

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Our App

A library stocked with Listening Books
Words light up green as children read aloud
Earn rewards and unlock achievements
A library stocked with Listening Books
Words light up green as children read aloud
Earn rewards and unlock achievements


“Fonetti is such a simple concept and a brilliant use of technology to support children, make them feel more confident reading and allow parents to monitor their progress”
- Clare Balding MBE, Children's Book Author, TV Presenter
“It is really good for children who don’t really like reading in front of others, especially if they’ve got a confidence issue”
- Karena Cubillo, Primary School Teacher
“I can't say that anything is the best because everything is amazing in Fonetti”
- Ollie, Aged 9
“The fact it lights up as they go along, even that is an achievement to them because they’ve made it light up. With a standard book, you don’t have anything as rewarding as that”
- Victoria Edgar, Parent
“I love reading with Fonetti because it makes me feel brave!”
- Cole, Aged 7
“Fonetti is the best app because I can choose my own character and my own books. The thing that I like about Fonetti is that words turn green and it is the best”
- Nitya, Aged 7
“When my son Giovani first used the Fonetti app, I noticed how much more confident, and in control he was about sounding out the words. As a parent you always want to support your child the best way you can. Thank you Fonetti for adding value to our reading time.”
- Louise Power, Mum to Giovani

Our Partners

The University of Edinburgh

“The largest, longest established and highest quality research group in informatics in the UK, having produced more world-leading and internationally excellent research (4* and 3*) than any other UK university”

Together with the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, we have created the world’s first ASR engine specifically built to respond to children’s read speech, with an incredible accuracy rate of 91.2%.


We are proud to receive an honorable mention in the Education category for
Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas of 2019 Award!


Accessibility Statement – Fonetti iOS Application

Auris Tech Ltd is committed to improving literacy in young children through our App, Fonetti. Our aim is to provide an exciting reading experience for all children including those with learning difficulties, disabilities or where English is a second language. We regularly perform user experience testing in which we include a wide variety of children at different levels and stages of reading to identify accessibility issues and we strive to continually enhance the experience to ensure that we do everything that we can to be as inclusive as possible.