The Reading Practise App

Fonetti is the interactive reading app that listens to children as they read aloud, and holds their attention by changing the word colour in real-time as they read along.

It makes reading fun and gives grown-ups reassurance that they are providing safe screen time; and gives kids self-confidence and a solid foundation for life-long learning.

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World Book Day

On 4th March 2021, we’re hosting an online extravaganza for pupils.

We’ll share stories from children’s authors, who will also answer questions from young readers. We’ll also give children the opportunity to take part in a competition, in order to become a published author… and there are ways to take part!

What is a Listening Book™?

Listening Books™ are a new, refreshing alternative in the world of reading, one that children love.

Imagine a story that reads with you. Now meet Fonetti:

Fonetti makes reading fun. 

When children read Listening Books™ out loud, our patented speech recognition engine recognises what they’ve said and if it matches the story. When they say the words right, the words turn green and if not, they turn grey. If a child is stuck, they can simply double tap for a clue.

Listening Books™ capture the magic of printed books with a difference: your child’s voice brings each story to life in front of their eyes.

How is Fonetti different to other reading apps?

We’re proud to be the pioneers of a new reading technology making positive changes to children across the globe as our listening books:

  • Offer flexibility – use at home and school or on your travels
  • Build confidence reading aloud
  • Boost literacy
  • Follow the National Curriculum reading levels
  • Provide guilt-free screen-time
  • Encourage children to read for pleasure
  • Respond to every UK accent and regional dialect
  • Support SEN learners
  • Help EAL readers practise pronunciation and develop their vocabulary

Fonetti is also accredited by the British Government’s Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign as the only approved platform for children to practise their reading.

Some of the books from our ever-growing Fonetti library:

We’re proud of our awards & achievements, including…


“Fonetti is such a simple concept and a brilliant use of technology to support children, make them feel more confident reading and allow parents to monitor their progress.”

Clare Balding, OBE, Children’s Book Author, TV Presenter

“It is really good for children who don’t really like reading in front of others, especially if they’ve got a confidence issue”

Karena Cubillo, Primary School Teacher

“I can’t say that anything is the best because everything is amazing in Fonetti”

Ollie, Aged 9

“The fact it lights up as they go along, even that is an achievement to them because they’ve made it light up. With a standard book, you don’t have anything as rewarding as that”

Victoria Edgar, Parent

“Fonetti is the best app because I can choose my own character and my own books. The thing that I like about Fonetti is that words turn green and it is the best”

Nitya, Aged 7

“When my son Giovani first used the Fonetti app, I noticed how much more confident, and in control he was about sounding out the words. As a parent you always want to support your child the best way you can. Thank you Fonetti for adding value to our reading time.”

Louise Power, Mum to Giovani

“I love reading with Fonetti because it makes me feel brave.”

Cole, Aged 7

“Thank you so much for the good news, this has really boosted my confidence in English.”

(Category winner in the Young Authors’ Competition 2020)

Arran, Aged 11

“I love Fonetti more than Minecraft”

Adam, Aged 8

Fonetti is fun wherever you are

“The stories in the library make you excited and curious.”

Hear from some of our Fonetti Fans…


The technology behind Fonetti has been developed by Auris Tech Limited with the support of The University of Edinburgh’s world renowned School of Informatics.​

University of Edinburgh