If you’re a teacher and want to offer Fonetti to your pupils, to help get reading back on track, get in touch!

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The world's first Listening Bookshop

Fonetti actively listens to children as they read aloud and holds their attention by turning the words green in real-time when they get them right. This interactive experience motivates the child to read more and then rewards them with fun animations, fanfares and badges.

Fonetti is the best reading app for kids.

Available for iPad NOW


Sadsville is FREE on Fonetti

There has never been a more critical time to support our children and their mental wellbeing. We are proud to partner with The Martin Roberts Foundation and provide Sadsville on Fonetti, for free. 

It is our aim to help Martin achieve his vision to give a copy of Sadsville to as many children as possible, and our digital technology provides the perfect platform.

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Get on the waiting list for Android!

We’re delighted that many more people will be able to share in the fun of Fonetti, when we launch on Android… and it’s happening soon.

To find out more or to be one of the first to hear about it, read our news article and join the waiting list. See you there!

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Books that listen

Books in the Listening Bookshop will actually listen to the child as they read aloud, highlighting words in green when they get them right and greying them out when they miss a word of get it wrong.

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Encouraging feedback

Fonetti uses an encouraging feedback process that enables children to improve their reading skills and creates the desire to read more with animated fanfares and by awarding stars and badges.

Quality Content

A unique and extensive library of well-illustrated children[s books that are proven to be entertaining, educational and fun which captures the child’s attention and leaves them wanting to read more.

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Try it Out!

With Fonetti, words on screen light up green when correctly read aloud.
If you would like to try it, you can speak into your mic from your phone, tablet or computer and see it happen in real-time!

Fonetti at Home

Parents, with The Listening Bookshop, you no longer have to choose between story time or tablet time – you’ve got both, all combined in one easy-to-use app.

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Fonetti for Schools

During the current pandemic we’re providing access to pupils via their schools for FREE. If you’re a teacher or parent and would like Fonetti for your school, simply complete our form on the Schools page.


Fonetti App

Slide Who is Reading Image Slide Picture-4 The child sets up their own profile Slide Picture-6 Nearly there… Slide Picture-9 A library stocked with over 100 books Slide Picture-11 The child chooses a book to read Slide Picture-12 The child read out aloud to Fonetti Slide Picture-13 The words read change to green as they are correctly matched Slide Picture-14 Animated fanfares awarded for finishing a book with up to 3 stars depending on accuracy ipad image


The technology behind Fonetti has been developed as part of a collaboration between Auris Tech Limited, Innovators in Children’s Speech Recognition and The University of Edinburgh’s World renowned School of Informatics.​

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