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We know that as teachers you’re under pressure right now. There are simply not enough hours in a school day to achieve everything that you’d like to do at the best of times. We know you have a great team in your classroom but how would you like to make better use of their time, particularly with social-distancing high on the agenda? With Fonetti you can.

Fonetti is the reading assistant ready to revolutionise your working day. We’re the world’s first listening bookshop. We’re also accredited by The Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign as an approved platform for children to practice their reading. And we’re the only platform that listens to them while they read, that recognises their speech regardless of dialect, accent or native tongue.

We’re the teaching assistant available to every classroom and the technology behind interactive reading. We’re saving schools valuable resource time and we’re also building confidence on an hourly basis.

Reduce your workload

With Fonetti you can say goodbye to traditional book logs. Instead you can keep up to date with the progress of every child in your class with one simple click. Fonetti can tell you: 

  • how long each pupil has spent on the app
  • which stories they’ve read
  • the number of times a title has been chosen
  • and what words they’ve struggled with.

Designed by linguistic professors at the University of Edinburgh, Fonetti can tell the difference between children speaking English as a second language, those with dyslexia and SEN so it can support every reader individually and allow them to read at their own pace.

We are currently providing 3 months free access to all schools that sign up to our BETA programme before the end of the year.
To find out how you can be a part of our BETA programme and provide free access to your pupils, simply complete the form below and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.

Fonetti for Home Learning

For millions of children everywhere, the living room is now their classroom. Parents and pupils are trying their best to adapt to their new roles as teacher and student in a setting that’s not designed for schoolwork. There’s no playground, no library and no friends at the gates. But with Fonetti’s help there’s still friends waiting for adventures and a reading assistant ready to listen – without needing an adult.

Whether in a den in the garden or by torchlight under a duvet, your children can be transported to other worlds through the pages of a story. With Fonetti they read independently, improve their literacy and boost their self-confidence without even leaving the house.

We’re asking a lot of our children right now. Let’s give their imaginations the freedom they need to run wild. 

Brother and sister playing with iPad Reading Aloud
As part of the Hungry Little Minds Campaign Fonetti won the approval of the Department of Education as a recommended App for the practice of reading for primary aged children.
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