How can Fonetti support your school?

Literacy is always a priority. Now you also have to get pupil reading back on track, and do so in an efficient, Covid-cautious way… along with everything else on your busy to-do list. Oh, and budgets are tight too.

With Fonetti you can boost literacy and build pupil confidence with a simple app.

Fonetti is your virtual reading assistant

We’re accredited by The Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds Campaign as an approved platform for children to practise their reading.

And we’re the only platform that listens to them while they read aloud, and recognises their speech regardless of dialect, accent or native tongue.

When children read correctly, the words turn green, if they get stuck they simply double tap for a clue, and they’re kept engaged by the real-time interaction, fanfares and in-app rewards.

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3 ways Fonetti can support your school

Boost literacy

Use the Fonetti app in school to support reading, literacy and confidence.

Every child can access the same book at the same time (or not). They get help within the app (great for EAL and SEN), with reading rewards and recognition as they go… perfect for engagement.

Reading at home

When you’re using Fonetti in school, your pupils can link their home devices to their school Fonetti account, by simply scanning a QR code.

This is great for homework, to stretch high achievers and help those who need more help to catch up.

School Portal

The portal makes book allocation in Fonetti and pupil progress tracking, a breeze.

View easy-to-follow reports for the whole class or individuals, for 100% impartial and consistent statistics.

No need to interpret hand-written reading records.

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Become a Fonetti Ambassador School

We’re always updating our platform and testing new functionality to enhance the experience. To do this successfully and understand new benefits we can bring to you, we invite several schools each year to join our Ambassador team.

While you're an Ambassador, your school gets free access to a version of the School Portal. In return, you suggest features that would be helpful, let us know of any bugs or blips you spot, and get to read new titles and updates before anyone else.

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