Deep data for reading efficacy

Pupils read aloud on the Fonetti app, encouraged by real-time visual feedback and rewards

Fonetti uses the power of the child’s own voice to accelerate reading improvements and boost reader confidence, whilst giving teachers actionable reading data to drive effective classroom interactions.

Research shows that many children feel stress when reading aloud. To help them overcome this fear and make improvements, children need to be heard, supported and given feedback.

Fonetti fills this gap and boosts literacy by creating a stress-free, encouraging, fun environment to practice reading aloud, and provides immediate help if they encounter difficult or unfamiliar words.

As children read aloud, the words turn green when read correctly, and if they get stuck, they simply double-tap to hear the words pronunciation. Fonetti uses gamification, in-app rewards and progress charts to motivate children to read more.

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Support every reader

Reluctant readers

With Fonetti, reluctant readers have a new resource to spark their love of reading as they achieve rewards and recognition, improving fluency, accuracy, vocabulary and confidence along the way.

Reading for pleasure

Fonetti makes reading fun, and encourages children to read for pleasure, which the DfE and the OECD found to have more impact on attainment than socio-economic status.


From dyslexia-friendly fonts, to the ability to pause the book for shorter attention spans, app-based reading is an inclusive alternative to print. Fonetti gives positive reinforcement throughout, as it congratulates progress, builds confidence, and removes the fear of reading aloud.


Reading on Fonetti supports children who speak English as an additional language. It improves their vocabulary and is the perfect practice tool at home, regardless of how much English is spoken there. This makes Fonetti a valuable resource for language learning at home as well as in school.

Teachers, SENDCOs, English Leads, bring Fonetti to your school today!

Transform the teaching of reading with Fonetti

Monitor, plan, sequence

The deep reading data available in the Fonetti School Portal transforms how you monitor, plan and sequence pupil learning.

Create an ambitious curriculum

Our revolutionary reading format helps you use technology to give all learners support on their reading journey, building confidence and enjoyment – essential for a successful life.

Trackable formative assessment

Fonetti is the perfect formative assessment tool. The easy-to-use dashboards help you track every reading session in real-time and provides provable deep data insights into reading duration, accuracy, and what they found difficult – for individual pupils and whole classes.

Meaningful insights when you need them

The graphs and charts in the School Portal dashboard will help you design lessons relevant to class needs, provide individual support, and stretch ‘greater depth’ pupils – without the need to wade through reading records or wait for formal summative assessments.

Connect school with home

Assign books for pupils to read in school, which they can also read at home by seamlessly logging into the app with a QR code. Fonetti provides objective, data-driven feedback for parents’ evenings, while parents can actively support your work and their readers by checking ‘Progress’ in the app menu.

Interested in Fonetti for your school?

Fonetti supports higher quality reading practice

Fonetti helps improve literacy and English language learning.

Fonetti promotes a love of reading to boost future reading practice.

Fonetti is an inclusive format for a broad, balanced curriculum.

Fonetti lets you present reading material in a new, engaging format.

Ongoing formative assessment within the Fonetti School Portal supports responsive teaching.

Fonetti helps you build an interest and confidence in reading in your pupils.

Fonetti helps you guide pupils on their personalised reading journey.

Fonetti gives you first hand evidence to share with Ofsted on pupil progress tracking.

Teachers, SENDCOs, English Leads, bring Fonetti to your school today!

Key case study achievements


readers improved their reading (in 21 days)

additional words read correctly per minute (in 21 days)


accuracy improvement (in 21 days)

months reading age improvement in 4 months (with 20 mins Fonetti reading per day)

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